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Dear Visitor, if you land on this page, most probably, you've found our mission interesting, you are thinking about supporting us in promoting and enhancing the human heritage, continuing spreading the Ancient Greek culture, which is at the foundation of the European civilization cradle.

Find below the way you could support our projects/events, allowing all the participants and passionate to continue exploring and learning about our amazing history,  the beauty of our past and to experience a unique spiritual journey inside and outside oneself.


Voluntary Donation 

Your contribution will consent our team project to continue organizing international experiential cultural events, in a context of sustainable tourism, with high quality standards, spreading ethical values such as: the centrality of the person, integration, responsibility, active citizenship and above all, will continue giving the opportunities to young generation and adults to develop a process of learning, through creative-artistic actions for a common cultural growth in a European vision.

Your donation datas will appear in the benefactors members schedule visible on our website and announced during the press conferences of our events.

If you wish to proceed with a voluntary donation, you find here the Donation form: 

Thanks for your support, it is really appreciated.

Become a sponsor

Cultural and Educational festivals sponsorship are a great way to drive organic brand impressions and positive interaction. These live events represent a strategic opportunity for brands whose target audiences intersect ours.

If you are thinking to sponsor some of our cultural routes or project, you should know, that, there are different ways to sponsor the European Festival of Ancient Greece cultural events, you can choose among four packages, (Zeus, Athena, Apollo, Poseidon).      

To learn more about it, we propose you to read the  SPONSORSHIP PROGRAM, in which you can get more info about the reason you should sponsor our events and what's the added value of sponsoring the EFAE. 

Get in touch with us and it will be our priority to get back to you, to evaluate together your needs and the best sponsorship solution for your brand or Name.