We thank all Ephorates of Antiquities that have previously allowed us and given the opportunities to settle artistic performances at this amazing archeological sites, all the archeologists, cultural guides, private and public organizations, institutions, municipalities that they work constantly to the achievement of great results, to bring back to light, promote and enhance through various cultural actions and sites renovation, the beauty of such historical places, permitting us still today, to visit and feel the history of our past, our origins.

Here, some institutions, partners and friends which have supported, contributed in the past and hopefully in the future, to the best result of each event concerning the ancient greek culture.

Ephorates of Antiquities:

  • Attika

  • Argolida

  • Messinia

  • Phocis

  • Corinth

  • Ilia

Municipalities of:

  • Corinth

  • Delphi

  • Nemea

  • Olympia

  • Argos

  • Loutraki

  • Eretria

Friends & Supporters:

  • Agonfestival (International archeological Film Festival)

  • SFI (Società Filosofica Italiana) sez. Lucana

  • Euroclio (International. assoc. of History Educators)

  • Prometheus Festival (Science & Philosophy)

  • Helios travel centre