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Manos Kannavos

Artistic Director  |  Actor


-Mary Vogiatzi Tragka Drama School 


-Jenny Karezi Drama School


-Archi Drama School 


Improvisation Lab of Nama Theatre Group


Erma Drama Therapy Lab




“Boboniere or how I solved my problems” by Vasilis Tsigkristaris  Dir. Manos Kannavos  , Vault Theatre, 2019

“The Ballad of a sensitive executioner” by Yiannis Kentrotas dir. Yiannis Kentroras, Vault Theatre, 2018

“The Curing Room”. by David Ian Lee  dir. Dimitris Karantzias Vault Theatre, 2017

“Lafyra The Show” by Maria Mazi dir. Manos Kannavos  Vault Theatre, 2016

“Pool, No Water” by Mark Ravenhill dir Michalis Pallilis, Theatre 104, 2014 

“Family stories” by Biljana Srbljanovic  dir. Esther Andre Gonzales, 2014

“Background Lights” by   Niemands Rose   dir. Esther Andre Gonzales, Apo Michanis Theatre, 2014

“Phaedra and some more labyrinths” by Ximena Escalante  dir. Esther Andre Gonzales, 2014

“Unemployed” ten text for Unemployment, Michalis Kakogiannis Foundation, Political Theatre, Bios Theatre   dir. Irene Margariti, 2012

“Fucking games” by Grae Cleugh dir.  Dimitris Komninos, Victoria Theatre, 2011

“Pac Man” devised play by George Paloumpis dir. George Paloumpis, Chora Theatre, 2010

“Νο 44 devised” play by George Paluompis  dir. George Paloumpis, Theatre Metaxourgeio,  2009

“Penetrator” by Anthony Nielsen,   dir. George Paloumpis, Epi Kolono Theatre, 2008

“Danny and the deep blue sea” by John Patrick Shanley, dir Helen Skotis, Epi Kolono Theatre, 2008

“Phaedra or Alcestis love story” by Elena Pegka dir. Elena Pegka International Lab of Ancient Drama, Delphi,  2007

“Other people” by Charles Sean dir. Argiris Kavidas, Ilisia Volanakis Theatre, 2004 

“Alladin” adapted by Manos Venieris,   dir. Manos Venieris,  2002

“Beauty and the Beast” adapted by Manos Venieris dir. Μάνος Βενιέρης, 2003

“Murder by death” by Niel Simon  dir. Ektoras Melanis, Victoria Theatre, 2003

“Small craft warnings” by Tennesee Williams  dir. George Theodosiadis, Victoria Theatre, 2002


Theatre for young audiences 

Artistic director of promenade performance and educational programs, “Philosophy festival in Greece" 2015-2019

“Are we going to sleep tonight?” by Anastasios Bonakis dir. Petros Alatzas, Altera Pars Theatre, 2014


Interactive performances

“Cretan Feast” by Yiannis Sarakatsanis dir.  Yiannis Sarakatsanis, El Convento Del’Arte, 2018

“Escape” by Yiannis Sarakatsanis dir.  Yiannis Sarakatsanis, El Convento Del’Arte,20017

“After death Reunion” by Yiannis Sarakatsanis dir.  Yiannis Sarakatsanis, El Convento Del’Arte, 2017

“The death of elder Love” by Fanis Pavlopoulos dir.  Fanis Pavlopoulos,  Shamone Bar, 2015


Cinema and Television

“Brides”,  Pantelis Voulgaris 2004

“The Solo”, 2005

“Intermission”,  Panagiotis Avlonitis 2008

“I saw you”, Stratoula Theodoratou 2008

“Polykatoikia”, Vasilis Thomopoulos 2008

“My name is Vaggelis”, Stefanos Mplatsos 2010

“Symbiotik”, Stefania Giannikou 2017

“Min Psaroneis”, Pierros Andrakakos 2019


M. Trombetta

Scientific Consultant  |  Docent

Docent at University of Bari - Department of Humanistic Research and Innovation


-President of the “SFI” Italian Philosophical society for Basilicata Region.  


Courses awarded

-Aesthetics (Bachelor's Degree in Philosophy)

-Aesthetics (Master's degree in Philosophy

-History of Art Criticism (Master's Degree in History of Art)


Research activity

Research areas

-Aesthetics of language



-Cultural Studies

-Visual Studies 


Since 2004 Aggregate Professor of disciplines related to the field of Aesthetics (Art Treatises, History of Art Criticism, History of Aesthetics and Aesthetics), he has deepened and perfected his teaching skills by participating in conferences and seminars in Italy and abroad.

The professor has actively contributed to the promotion of cultural activities related to the field of Aesthetics both as a member of the Italian Society of Aesthetics and the Italian Philosophical Society and as technical manager for the Province of Matera of the Gai association of public bodies aimed at promoting young people artists organizing exhibitions and conferences. Of particular interest is the 2013 international Lucania land of border award and the 2014 Corps Secrets exhibitions by Margherita Serra, Strong Women in 2013, a collective sponsored by the Sculptors Guild, Preludio in 2015, by Dorfles and Serra and in 2017 the anthology by Dragan. Culic.


Valentino Berton

Project Manager  |  Entrepreneur

Born in Naples, italy

Since 1998 involved in cultural and entertainment event organization.

2014 - 2020 organizing the Philosophy Festival in Greece aimed at high school students.

Currently creative project manager at European Festival of Ancient Greece

Managing Director at Sunshine Animation srl (Italian Event organization Company)

President at Vamaya events sas (French Event organization Company)

Performer, comedian, Master ceremony at various International event.


- 1995 Bromley college of further and high education (Bromley, England)

- 1996 Graduated in foreign languages (Naples, Italy)

- 2001 Advanced course in management of cultural enterprises (Naples, Italy)

Conferences / Tourist Exhibitions

B.I.T Milan (2002/03/04)

B.M.T Naples (2005/06/07)

SETT de Montpellier (2017/18/19)

Languages knowledge:

Native: Italian

Fluent: English, French, 

Intermediate: Greek, German

Basic knowledge: Spanish


More info at:


Matteo Papamichael 

Tourist Cultural Guide


 Hellenic Open University (EAP), School of Humanities, Department: Greek Culture (2001 - 2008)

 EOT Athens School of Guides (1999 - 2002)

 School of Tourism Professions of Anavyssos (EOT), Department: Executives of Tourist Offices (1996 - 1998)

 Foreigner University, PERUGIA,  4th Lvel Course (3 months - 2004)


 Foreign Languages

 English (Proficiency of Michigan - tour guide)

 French (Sorbonne 2, D.A.L.F - tour guide)

 Italian (CELI 4 - tour guide)

 German (State Degree in Linguistics - Level 2)



 French translation seminars (archeology - arts - culture) (2000-2001)

 Tourism seminars at the French Institute by the Athens & Paris Chamber of Industry & Commerce (1997-1998)

 "Excursion leader" seminars of the travel organization MANESIS (1997 - 1998)


 Conferences / Exhibitions

 World Travel Market of London (1998)

 B.I.T Milan (2009)



 Professional experience

 (2002– today): Business tours throughout the country in collaboration with travel agencies (TUI HELLAS, AMFITRYON HOLIDAYS, COSTA CRUISES, MSC CRUISES, CLUB MED etc.) and privately via the internet at

 circuits: Β.Δ.  Greece, classic tour of Greece (Meteora, Delphi, Olympia, Argolis, Athens), N. Peloponnese, Cyclades (Paros, Naxos, Mykonos, Santorini) & cruise tourism: Piraeus, Katakolo Corfu, Volos, Thassos, Patos  , Kavala, Itea.

 V.I.P private tours, escort of missions of V.I.P persons.


 (1997– 2001): Tourist escort (Tour leader, assistant operation manager, rep., Rent a car salesman, chief of domestic / foreign - Paris, Cyprus, Vienna - chef d 'escursions) - cooperation with incoming tourism tourist offices (E.  S TOURS HELLAS, ALFRED'S TOURS) and outbound tourism agencies (MANESSIS TRAVEL)


 Teaching experience

 Professor - Guide to the course "Road Tour" at the Corfu School of Guides (2009)

 Professor in the courses "Tourist Geography" and "Greek Culture" at IIEK LE MONDE (2012 -2013)


Maria Elizabeth Pigou

Philologist  |  Actrice

- Master in Philosophy  -  History of Philosophy.

- 2005 BA in Italian & Spanish Language and Literature - Major in Italian, National Kapodistrian University of Athens

- 2018 BA in Philosophy - Pedagogy - Psychology, National Kapodistrian University of Athens

Fluent in Italian Language - University degree Level

Fluent in English Language - Michigan Proficiency Certificate (2018)

Basic Knowledge of Spanish Language, Courses in National Kapodistrian University of Athens & Cervantes Institute in Athens

Work experience related to social and cultural events:

Production assistant at the Naxos Festival (promoting fine arts)

Participation at the Philosophy Festival in Greece (promotion of philosophy to foreign high school students visiting Ancient Greek sites)

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P. Angelos Kougioumtzis

Sculptor  |  Painter  |  Architect 

Short Biography (more info at:

Born in Drama, Macedonia, Greece, he lives and works in Athens and Delphi. His studies include  Architecture, Sculpture and Painting at the University of Oregon, U.S.A. as a Fulbright scholar and Architecture at Metsovion Polytechnic School of Athens. He is member of the Technical Chamber of Greece and the Fine Arts Chamber of Greece.


Some of his sculpture works are:

«Alexander», prizes of the International Film Festival of Thessaloniki

«Alexander the Great», bronze, 1.30 m., Cultural Center of National Bank, Thessaloniki, Greece 1993

«Prometheus», bronze, 3.50 m., Delphi, Greece, 1994

«Socrates», bronze, 2.10 m., Biblioteca Nacional, Montevideo, Uruguay, 1995

«Nike», bronze, 3.00 m., International Olympic Academy, Olympia, Greece, 1995

«Sibilla Delfica», bronze, 2.00 m., Angelos Sikelianos Museum, Delphi, Greece, 1996

«Nike», bronze, 3.50 m., Atlanta, U.S.A., 1996

«Two Basketball Players», bronze, 3.50 m., Olympic Stadium, Athens, Greece, 1998

«Aphrodite», marble, 1.20 m., Lalaounis Museum, Athens, Greece, 1999

«Spyros Louis», Olympic Marathon Champion, bronze, 3.50 m., Sydney, Australia, 2000

«Prometheus», bronze, 5.00 m., Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Alexandria, Egypt, 2002

«The Earth Cube», stainless steel, 10.00 m., HELEXPO, Thessaloniki, Greece, 2006

«Maria Callas», bronze, 2.20 m., Papagou, Athens, Greece, 2007

«Nike», bronze, 4.00 m., Haidian, Beijing, China, 2008

«Prometheus», bronze, 4.00 m., Magdi Yacoub Institute, Harefield, London, U.K., 2008

«Nike», bronze, 4.00 m., Vancouver B.C., Canada, 2010

«Prometheus», bronze, 4.00 m., Elefsis, Greece, 2011

«Nike», bronze, 4.00 m., Royal Borough of Greenwich, London, U.K., 2012

«Nike of Drama», bronze, 4.00 m., Drama, Greece, 2013


Georgia Zouba

Press office  |  Communication Manager

Graduate of the Department of Communication, Media and Culture

postgraduate studies in the field of Cultural Policy and Communication (Panteion University).

She has been actively involved in the organization and production of cultural events as a production and theater manager in Athenian theaters and organizations (Greek Festival, Space Theater, Mikro Pallas Theater, Art Theater, etc.) as well as in communication and promotion of cultural events (theatrical performances). , Festivals, music tours).


  • 2003 - 2004 Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences

    Master’s DegreeCultural Studies, Dept of Communication, Media and Culture7.49


  • 1995 - 2000Panteion University of social and political studies

    Bachelor’s DegreeCommunication, Media and Culture


Communications & Media Associate, Public Relations, Production Management

Theatre 104, Various festivals/theatre groups (BoB Theatre Fest, Matala Beach Fest.,Greek Festival)

▪ Creating advertising and content strategy plans 
▪ Managing advertising budget and resource allocation by project.
▪ Identifying media targets, developing, fostering and preserving strategic relationships with journalists, press, and various media outlets (blogs, press, online websites, radio & tv broadcast channels).
▪ Drafting, developing & editing PR-related content including press releases, Q&A responses, media statements, newsletters and social media entries, designing and launching e - mail campaigns. 
▪ Overseeing and reviewing the design & production of all advertising materials (outdoor formats, digital and print materials, radio & tv spots, online ads).
▪ Managing the shipping and distribution process of promotional materials. 
▪ Responsible for company’s website & FB page maintenance and administration, ensuring that new and consistent information (article links, stories, and events) is updated regularly. 
▪ Monitoring audience feedback & social media comments.
▪ Preparing briefing materials and press kits for media representatives.
▪ Conducting and reviewing events’ guest lists, handling special guest’s and VIP’S reception, coordinating sitting arrangements while in production.
▪ Developing fundraising issues (perspective sponsors profile consideration, applications, benefit giving negotiations, sponsors corporate identity promotion) 

2008-2016: Freelance PR Manager (BoB Theatre Festival 2015, 2016), 2nd Avaton International Comedy Festival, Matala Beach Festival 2015, Prometheus Bound_summer 2015, various theatrical performances.
2013-2015: People Entertainment Group & Live2 Ltd
2007- 2008: Ama Films
2006: Mediaterra_ Gaming Realities @ Technopolis, City of Athens
2003 -2005: Athens and Epidaurus Festival


Daniela Sigillo

Marketing Manager  |  Dance Instructor



Master's degree in Marketing & Service Management

University of Naples Federico II

Faculty of Economics

Fundamentals of General Management: Management accounting, Business organization, Economics, Business strategies, Market analysis methods;

Principles of Marketing Management: Strategic Marketing, Innovation Strategies, Assortment Management and Pricing Policies, Brand and Communication Management, Management of Distribution Channels and Sales Network, Service Management, Relationship Marketing, Marketing Research, Analysis of marketing investments, marketing information systems

May 2012- June 2012

University of Naples Federico II

Faculty of Economics

Intensive Course: Marketing Innovation Trends Experiential, Unconventional, Digital Marketing


October 2002 - June 2012

University of Naples Federico II

Faculty of Economics

Business, Economic, Statistical, Legal, Linguistic, Philosophical-Literary - Historical, Archaeological and Artistic knowledge related to the Management of Tourism Companies

Degree in Management Tourism Sciences (STIM)

Thesis in Environmental Ethics and Moral Philosophy.

Thesis title: Cultural events and territory. Tourism of knowledge, experiences and connections

November 2007 - February 2008

Order of Chartered Accountants for the jurisdiction of the court of Naples Advanced Course in Management of Travel Companies

Certificate of attendance

September 1997 - June 6/2002

State Scientific High School - R.Caccioppoli - Naples

Current occupation since June 2013 


Via Depretis, 31 - 80133 Naples

Cruise / Tourism Sector

Tour Operating: Ground-Shore Excursion- Air Department

Dynamics of relationship / negotiation with operators / service providers.

Dynamics of passenger assistance and management of the same shared with other international Budgeting Car Parking offices

Lost & Found airport management

February 2012 - October 2012 Es Tours Hellas S.A.

22, Oceanidon street 11745 Neos Kosmos, Athens, Greece Tour Operator Incoming

Training internship

Customer Service / Guests Relations

ECDL CERTIFICATE - European Computer Driving License

SIEBEL (software house that mainly dealt with the design, development, marketing and support of CRM applications)


World Tracer system


Excellent use of the following social networks: Facebook, Linkdin, Twitter, Youtube

Good use of software for video editing and production.

2005-2010 Event Organizer

September 1990- June 2000

Professional Center of Dance Terpsichore

Via Foria- 80139 Naples

Classical, contemporary and moder-jazz dance

Certificate Caribbean dance instructor

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Maarten De Krosse

Literature Docent  |  Musician  

(External Consultant)

Doctorate in Dutch literature at Utrecht University

Actually teaching Literature at Sint Nicolaas Lyceum of Amsterdam

Founder and organizer of the Guitarcamp Netherlands

more info at:

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Francesca Di Sevo

Junior HR

DR in Human Resources Psychology



2020-2021 | Radar Academy - School of Management



2015-2018 | University of G. D'Annunzio, Chieti

JUNIOR HUMAN RESOURCES OFFICER internship at RANDSTAD ITALIA spa, Via Verdi, 11-12, Naples.

Front office activities and performance of normal secretarial functions. Back office activities in the functional area of ​​HR, in particular in the research, pre-selection and selection phases: management of the curriculum vitae received, paper and IT research of the personnel requested by client companies, first telephone interview, involvement in selection interviews. Carrying out some administrative procedures relating to the hiring of temporary workers, including at external offices.

Use of internal management.


TEAM LEADER & STAFF MANAGER at SUNSHINE ANIMATION srl (Philosophy Festival in Greece)

Research and selection of human resources. Assistance and reception of participants. Personnel management and coordination. Site inspection during event planning. Management of reservations and company budget. Processing of timing and synoptic schedule..


OLLABORATOR FOR CULTURAL EVENTS ORGANIZATION at FOUNDATION: LA CASA DI ANNALAURA, P.zza V. Emanuele, 35, Vallo della Lucania (SA). Site inspection during event planning. Event scheduling. Welcome guests.


Marco Cuomo

Hospitality expert

Involved since 2008 in tourist hospitality services.


Training Course: hotel management at "Scuola Italiana Turismo", Firenze (italy)

High School Diploma In Languages at "Liceo Publio Virgilio Marone", Meta di Sorrento, Napoli (Italy)


Spoken languages:

Italian (native), English, French.

Working Experiences:

- 2008-2010 resort entertainer.

- 2010-2013 Team Leader.

- 2016-Present tour leader with "Philosphy Festival In Greece"

-From 2013 to 2017 front office agent at "Hotel Mary****", Vico Equense (Sorrento Coast), Napoli 

-From 2018 until now front office agent at "Borgo San Felice***** (Relais and Chateaux), Castelnuovo Berardenga, Siena