Along each path you will be guided to the most impressive archeological sites of the Ancient Greece. While visiting each monument, each amazing historical site, you’ll realize, breathe and feel how the energy of that places recount you the beginning of our history, of our origins, our civilization and democracy..

While bringing back to life, thanks to our intellectual predecessors, the historical artworks of the ancient times, you will meet, interact, question, dialogue with actors, cultural guides, academic experts, story tellers,  artists, entertainers, musicians, as well as students and adults of different countries to share emotions and exchange ideas. You will be invited to participate to daily collective creative workshops to empower yourself in the discipline you prefer.

The project intends to promote a different way of traveling - thanks to ancient performances, readings, interpretations, representations, sounds, you will first make a mind journey watching back at the time of the Ancient Greece, giving consequently a real shape to imagination, then with your body, your feelings and emotions through practical activities you will experience interactively this epical journey, with the birth of new creative-artistic relationships.

The project is a unique occasion of re-discovering with experiential actions the ancient greek culture.

All programs are held in English, Greek and Italian language.

Below you find a list of the archeological sites that we visit during our cultural projects where generally we do organize and perform our Ancient Greek historical representations.

Acropolis Athens


  • Acropolis

  • Parthenon

  • Athena's Temple

  • Ancient Agorà

  • Zeus Temple

  • Kerameikos

  • Filopappo Hill

  • Panathenaic Stadium

  • Plato's Academy

  • Aristotle's Lyceum

  • Acropolis Museum

  • Theater of Herod

  • Theater of Dionysus 

  • Archeological Museum

  • Syntagma square

  • Aeropago Hill

  • Hephaestus Temple

  • Pnyx 

  • Arch of Hadrian



  • Temple of Apollo

  • Ancient Theatre

  • Ancient Stadium

  • Sanctuary of Athena Pronea

  • Treasury of the Athenians

  • Archaeological Museum

  • The Charioteer

  • Castalian Spring

  • Gymnasium 

  • Stoa of the Athenians



  • Temple of Zeus

  • Hera's Temple

  • Olympic Ancient Stadium

  • Archeological Museum

  • The Gymnasium

  • Cronion Hill

  • Museum of Historical Olympic sports

  • The Philippeion

  • The Bouleuterion

Ancient Corinth


  • Acrocorinth

  • Amphitheater

  • Bema of Saint Paul

  • Theatre

  • Sanctuary of Asklepieion

  • Sanctuary of Demeter and Kore

  • Glauke Fountain

  • Temple of Apollo

  • Temple of Octavia

  • Basilica of Kraneion

  • Basilica of Lechaion

  • Peirene Fountain

  • Roman Odeion

Stadium of Messene


  • The theatre 

  • The Temple of Asklepieion

  • The Heroon

  • The Agora

  • The Fortifications 

  • The Stadium 

  • The Gymnasium

  • The Stoa

  • The Bouleuterion


Kos Island

  • Asklepieion Archeological sites

  • Agorà of Kos

  • The Temple of Aphrodite

  • The Temple of Hercules

  • The stoà

  • The ancient theatre

  • Temple of Dionysus

  • Archaeological Museum

  • The propylaea

  • The Roman public baths

  • The temple of Asclepius

  • The temple of Apollo

  • The Plane tree of Hippocrates 

  • The school of Hippocrates



  • The Archaeological Museums

  • The Ancient Agora

  • The Palaestra

  • The Bouleuterion

  • Sanctuary of Aphrodite 

  • The Heraion of Argos

  • The Ancient theatre

  • Ruins of the Roman baths 



  • Sacred Court

  • Lesser Propylaea

  • The Telesterion

  • Triumphal Arches

  • The Callichoron Well

  • The Ploutoneion

  • The Mycenaean Megaron



  • The Stadium of Epidaurus 

  • Sanctuary of Asklepios

  • Ancient theater of Epidaurus.

  • Epidaurus Archaeological Museum

  • Ancient Epidaurus Little Theatre

  • Archaeological Site of Asklipiiou Epidavrou

pic Cape Sounion

Cape Sounion

  • Temple of Poseidon

  • Athena's Temple

Mycenae Lion door


  • Lion's Gate

  • Treasury of Atreus

  • Tomb of Clytemnestra

  • Archaeological Museum

  • Cyclopean Walls 

  • Agamemnon’s Palace

  • The six royal tombs

  • The 2nd tomb ring



  • The Sanctuary of Zeus 

  • The Stadium of Nema

  • Archeological Museum of Nemea