The Project birth


The international project Ευρωπαϊκό Φεστιβάλ Αρχαίας Ελλάδας "ΕΦΑΕ" - European Festival of Ancient Greece, conceived by the Non Profit Organization "European Festival of Ancient Greece" adopts as its logo a stylized owl which in Ancient Greece was a symbol of wisdom, intelligence, understanding and problem solving, managing with its keen gaze to penetrate the darkness and bring the light of knowledge.

The ΕΦΑΕ project, was born from the meeting, the wish and the enthusiasm of a group of professionals engaged for years in the field of education, coaching, art and the organization of major national and international cultural events dedicated to all age groups, with particular attention to young Europeans high school students of different fields of study (classical, scientific, linguistic, artistic, humanistic, tourism, sports, dance, music, fashion and IT).

The Project goals

The project promotes the social and cultural development of the territories, sustainable tourism, the enhancement of places of historical-archaeological interest, involving the greatest number of people and other international organizations to create a fertile base for meetings and ideas to strengthen the European identity.

It supports and disseminates the research and historical culture of ancient Greece, the cradle of European civilization, of art in all its forms, with particular regard to the disciplines of theater, sport, music, dance, poetry, sculpture, architecture, ancient fashion design, technology, ancient and modern Greek culinary art, activating creative knowledge and interaction processes connected to the great themes of history, mythology, literature, archeology, philosophy and sciences, acquiring consequently the memory of the past to orient oneself in the present and plan the future.

It offers through initiatives that foster the relationship and confrontation, the opportunity for students and adults to participate to educational entertainment paths (online, live in the territories of ancient Greece and in Europe), carrying out training activities with a free methodology (inductive method, cooperative learning, action-research, etc.) and spreading ethical values, such as the centrality of the person, integration, responsibility and active citizenship.

During the course of the project, experiential learning paths are organized with the support of institutional and other local organizations, within the most impressive historical sites of ancient Greece (archaeological areas, monuments, theaters, stadiums, temples, agora, polis, gymnasium); here, the imagination takes shape and through numerous activities, such as: educational workshops, debates, representations, historical, literary, theatrical, poetic paths, culinary, artistic events, historical-artistic guided tours, cultural trips, excursions, meetings, conferences, seminars, conventions, congresses, performances, readings, exhibitions, concerts, education and training courses, we create an innovative journey between mind, body and emotions while preserving the passion and originality of the history of the times in which it takes place.

The conception and development of the project is entrusted to a team of international experts. Historians, sculptors, archaeologists, artists, athletes, professors of history, philosophy, literature, art history, foreign languages, science and technology, visual arts and physical education, collaborate actively at the creation of itineraries with the intent to explore, discover, through the experiences of our predecessors, other horizons on the awareness of the human being and to foster cultural and artistic exchange in a European perspective. 

The Project Vision

The project aims to become a reference asset for all students and adults, which are interested to experience through this epic journey an innovative way of learning and well being.

To favor the propensity to ideation, to personal and cultural growth through a practical-creative approach, developing a method of thought and practice that goes deep into action, which allows you to look inside with greater awareness, regaining possession of your own feelings and emotions and which leads to the realization of common projects with the construction of forms of cooperation.

To encourage a better knowledge of one's abilities, to act in a responsible, conscious and democratic way, to develop a cognitive process "learning to learn" that leads to knowing how to understand, know how to apply, know how to synthesize, know how to analyze, how to evaluate, to spread the knowledge of the artistic and cultural heritage of the territories, to support actions of cultural mediation, social inclusion, generational exchange,  providing useful tools to develop concrete skills and orienting oneself in the creative managerial work sector.

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