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"Acquiring the memory of the past to orient yourself in the present and plan for the future.

Retracing in the footsteps of those who preceded us is essential".

To understand who we are, it is essential to understand who we were, what our history is, our origins. The Ancient Greece, the cradle of European civilization, its language, its history, the light that envelops it among myths, mysteries and truths, the archeology, literature, mythology, philosophy, science, theater, music and sculpture, the great heroes, the great achievements, the great artists, the great authors of the time, the excellent minds, the timeless intellectuals who still influence the course of our life, our way of thinking, of being in the world and that through their story continue to hand down the wisdom of those times, well, all this, must be the starting point for embarking on a new journey into the soul, which is one of reflection and awareness of one's own being, for an ethically and socially sustainable human development..



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